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Seefit Retention Solution

Enables fitness operators to master retention processes, according to their customers and data, science latest research, and the market’s best practices.

Say goodbye to a high volume of sleepers affecting your churn rate, by implementing a multi-layered customer lifecycle packed with tools to enhance your customer experience

Our Methodology:

Reveal your retention drivers


Reveal your retention drivers

Can you pinpoint the root causes of your churn? Receive a detailed study regarding the organization’s retention history, the behavior of key groups of members and the algorithm to rule them all.

Insights to boost your business


Insights to boost your business

Sleepers are not inevitable, they are the consequences of inertia.
Reinvent your operations with retention at the heart of your how-to-do, with the actions to be performed according to each customer journey.

Act upon customer behavior


Act upon customer behavior

Churn risk increase or the completion of a milestone?
You will have the tools to target and interact effectively with members in and off the club, as well as assess their satisfaction and motivation in periodic surveys

Everything is measurable, even retention


Everything is measurable, even retention

Is the staff or the latest email template generating more usage? 
Leverage the power of your previous actions to understand what to improve with reporting related to your service, lifecycle interactions and retention processes

improve your user retention

Using your customers data, science latest research, and the market’s best practices

Our customer Results


overall usage

+2 visits in the first month


in satisfaction (NPS)

80% score on gym floor satisfaction


monthly churn rate

+2 months on each membership

Client reviews

“It transforms the member’s experience into a more personalized one since the instructor has real-time access to the client’s history they are interacting with, allowing for the quicker creation of empathy and optimizing the service provided.”

João Costa

CM, Maia Jardim

“ICI gives us a micro-analysis of sleepers and HRU, which is essential for improving the churn rate and directly increasing the lifecycle of our members. It allows us to know our customers’ history and their needs in real time, in order to personalize their service and improve the quality of the service provided.”

Sónia Freitas

Coordinator of a Solinca Classic club

“Game changer Changes the way we provide technical interaction services for the better, allowing a much greater focus on the people who really need our interaction and support”

Hugo Fernandes

Senior Instructor - SC Fitness Oeiras

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improve your user retention

Using your customers data, science latest research, and the market’s best practices